The Foundation

2012 - The Party Pine. The first product Hyprum developed.  A 3 dimensional Christmas Tree with an enlarged beer bottle cap base.  Sole purpose of The Party Pine was to decorate it with your favorite beer bottle caps of choice.  Building the product and packaging from the ground up; our little company was presented the opportunity to gain a test market launch for annual distribution with a large retailer. Right about the time we were getting ready to launch...we learned that neodymium magnets could cause a health concern to young children if swallowed.  The possibility of one person being at risk is why we scrapped proceeding with the test launch.

As a team; each individual has identified their weaknesses so they can focus on their strengths.  This has allowed us to be efficient and offer solutions that are anything but knee jerk.  From the conception of our product company in 2012; Hyprum's vision was to partner with a much larger entity who has market share and ability to capture a greater piece of the market.  

"Challenge Conventional Thinking"


2015 - Retail Marketing Division We help clients address their retail merchandising needs.  Better position them for line reviews and visual presentation to impact their distribution and sales.  Manufacturing footprint is: corrugated displays, corrugated packaging, and permanent floor displays and in-line executions.  Couple: new concept development, ability to execute test market launches economically, fulfillment under one roof for national roll-outs, and service...our total package has proven to produce results that both Marketing and Procurement can embrace.

Similar to New Product Development; our Retail Marketing Division aims at impacting the bottom line of the clients we represent.  We have experience helping clients gain better distribution and impacting their sales performance.  Whether a truck load or a trunk load - Our objective is to be a reliable partner who can help streamline the development of a new merchandising program while keeping their cost of business lean.